Exhibition*folding cosmos @Alvar Aalto house in France

I am very happy to be collaborate artist at Exhibition *folding cosmos at Maison Louis Carré in France! Such an honor to plesent my new pieces at the Louis Carré’s master room.

Maison Louis Carré is a residential building in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France designed by Finnish modernist architects Alvar Aalto. The house was designed for art collectors Olga and Louis Carré and completed in 1959.

IMG_3241for miakoA.jpg


FC_MLC_inivitation-1.jpg    * folding cosmos is based on the story of the ‘One-Mat-Room’, a small meditation and study room created by the Japanese explorer Takeshiro Matsuura at the end of the 19th century. Project designer and director Miwako Kurashima creates a contemporary version of this minimal space within the Maison Louis Carré, combined with a Japanese tea set, inviting artists to create site specific or adapted works for this particular context. Alvar Aalto was much inspired by Japanese culture at the start of his career and this can be observed throughout the Maison Louis Carré. The small cosmos room relates naturally to the spaces of the villa, with the strong bond between design details and architecture, inside space and nature, minimal entity and the universe. The collaborating artists are: Carine Guimbard, Ai Kitahara, Kineta Kunimatsu, Mireya Samper and Ayumi Tanaka. As a metaphor for the ‘folding’ and ‘traveling’ cosmos, the AKARI PL2 lighting by Isamu Noguchi will be displayed close to the * folding cosmos set made for the Maison Louis Carré.


opening1.jpgopening3.jpgMLC WALL2B.jpglouis caree box1B.jpgFolding_Cosmos©Lucie Jean_130.jpgFolding_Cosmos©Lucie Jean_050.jpg

Folding_Cosmos©Lucie Jean_124.jpg


Workshop “Reconstruct memories” @ Seoul, Korea

I was pleased to be invited for giving a workshop at Seoul Youth Hub. (It was also my first visit in Korea!)



In this workshop, participants brought their private picture which contain memories  they willing to forget. They randomly chose photographs among all the images have been assembled by other participants, and deconstruct them and recreate image in their freedom way. The aim of this practice is to create discussion of many aspects of theme of memories and generating conversation of their personal stories.








Thank you so much who applied and attend this event. ( It was amazing that twice of people have applied..!)  I also thank many people have support me to carry out the workshop!


Special Thanks to

Seoul Youth Hub https://youthhub.kr/hub/20380

Host : Yel mae ( JUST PROJECT) http://www.just-project.com
Translator : Jisu
Photographer: 白井 亮 (Ryo Shirai)
Coordinator : Song Ji Hyeon MohumHidemi Demi Miyamoto




Universal Nature -Rediscovery of Kalevala by 6 Contemporary Japanese Artists-

Thank you so much for coming to the Exhibition “Universal Nature Rediscovery of kalevala”!

Opening Reception/ August 5. 2017 @ Sezon Arts Gallery in Tokyo, Japan



The Universal Nature – Rediscovery of Kalevala by 6 Contemporary Japanese Artists exhibition presents the Finnish national epic Kalevala in a new way: from the Japanese point of view and in the form of contemporary art by six renowned Japanese artists. Their work will be on show for the first time, representing the artists individual interpretations of Finnish folklore and the Finnish mentality.

The artists tell the story of Kalevala through many different art forms and genres. The exhibition brings together painting, photography, sculpting, video and installation art. The artists work reflect both Finnish mysticism and the Japanese way of thinking.

Yusuke Asai, a painter who often works with big murals and local soil as painting material will produce paintings on canvas and drawings based on the stories of Kalevala. Sculptor Hideki Iinuma depicts strong female characters in his works. Iinuma brings the mythical female characters of Kalevala into the modern world with them coming alive in his sculptures. Tomoko Konoike deals with the theme of human brutality in her work. Her work reflect raw human emotions such as lust, hatred and the violent nature of man. Shiriagari Kotobuki has developed a video installation using a technique of Manga as storytelling. His work explores the story of the mysterious tool “Sampo” which in Kalevala brings happiness. Yuji Ohta combines truth and fiction, ancient and modern in his installations. His works aim at redefining the way we see the social structures we are surrounded by. New York based photographer Ayumi Tanaka has studied the descendants of the residents who Elias Lönnrot visited to compile Kalevala in the 19th century. She then has collected the village inhabitant’s personal stories based on their dreams and develops them into photographic art works, trying to weave another oral narrative.

The exhibition is part of the Artist’s Kalevala in Japan project, started by The Kalevala Society and The Finnish Institute in Japan in 2016. The exhibition on view at Sezon Art Gallery is curated by Kenji Kubota. The aim is to broaden the way we interpret mythology and folklore, and to promote mutual cultural understanding and artistic co-operation between Finland and Japan.

The Universal Nature exhibition will be on display at SEZON gallery in Jingumae, Tokyo, from August 6th to 27th. The exhibition is FREE.

2017.08.06 sun – 08.27 sun

Yusuke ASAI
Hideki Iinuma
Shiriagari Kotobuki


Organisers: The Kalevala Society and The Finnish Institute in Japan
Co-organizer: Sezon Art Gallery
Nominal support: Embassy of Finland
Support: Kenji Kubota Art Office