Workshop “Reconstruct memories” @ Seoul, Korea

I was pleased to be invited for giving a workshop at Seoul Youth Hub. (It was also my first visit in Korea!)



In this workshop, participants brought their private picture which contain memories  they willing to forget. They randomly chose photographs among all the images have been assembled by other participants, and deconstruct them and recreate image in their freedom way. The aim of this practice is to create discussion of many aspects of theme of memories and generating conversation of their personal stories.








Thank you so much who applied and attend this event. ( It was amazing that twice of people have applied..!)  I also thank many people have support me to carry out the workshop!


Special Thanks to

Seoul Youth Hub

Host : Yel mae ( JUST PROJECT)
Translator : Jisu
Photographer: 白井 亮 (Ryo Shirai)
Coordinator : Song Ji Hyeon MohumHidemi Demi Miyamoto




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