Exhibition*folding cosmos @Alvar Aalto house in France

I am very happy to be collaborate artist at Exhibition *folding cosmos at Maison Louis Carré in France! Such an honor to plesent my new pieces at the Louis Carré’s master room.

Maison Louis Carré is a residential building in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France designed by Finnish modernist architects Alvar Aalto. The house was designed for art collectors Olga and Louis Carré and completed in 1959.

IMG_3241for miakoA.jpg


FC_MLC_inivitation-1.jpg    * folding cosmos is based on the story of the ‘One-Mat-Room’, a small meditation and study room created by the Japanese explorer Takeshiro Matsuura at the end of the 19th century. Project designer and director Miwako Kurashima creates a contemporary version of this minimal space within the Maison Louis Carré, combined with a Japanese tea set, inviting artists to create site specific or adapted works for this particular context. Alvar Aalto was much inspired by Japanese culture at the start of his career and this can be observed throughout the Maison Louis Carré. The small cosmos room relates naturally to the spaces of the villa, with the strong bond between design details and architecture, inside space and nature, minimal entity and the universe. The collaborating artists are: Carine Guimbard, Ai Kitahara, Kineta Kunimatsu, Mireya Samper and Ayumi Tanaka. As a metaphor for the ‘folding’ and ‘traveling’ cosmos, the AKARI PL2 lighting by Isamu Noguchi will be displayed close to the * folding cosmos set made for the Maison Louis Carré.


opening1.jpgopening3.jpgMLC WALL2B.jpglouis caree box1B.jpgFolding_Cosmos©Lucie Jean_130.jpgFolding_Cosmos©Lucie Jean_050.jpg

Folding_Cosmos©Lucie Jean_124.jpg


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